GREAT branding: Bald Girls Do Lunch

first_imgSuppose you’re creating an organization for women with alopecia areata — the autoimmune skin disease which stops the normal growth of hair on the scalp, brows, lashes and body. You want to convey that you are about community, support and fun. You want to make women with this condition feel empowered. And you want them to be absolutely COMPELLED to join you.Typical nonprofit approach?Call it the Alopecia Areata Association.A brilliant approach?Call it Bald Girls Do Lunch.Congratulations Bald Girls Do Lunch on amazing marketing.PS Full disclosure: I learned about this group when they signed up for Network for Good fundraising services. I work at Network for Good. When I saw their name, I just had to know who they are. But this post isn’t about business, in fact they don’t know I blogged this:) Yet.last_img read more

This Is What a Fundraising Email Looks Like

first_imgNonprofits often email us here at Network for Good asking for examples of a fundraising email.  Here’s an example of one we received today from IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare. It’s a very effective email because it answers the four most important questions donors care about:Why me? Your audience needs to care about what you are doing. They need to connect to you on a human level. Use pictures, tell stories and do anything that can help your audience relate. In this case, IFAW uses the testimonial of someone on the ground to help connect potential donors to the need.Why now? The more specific you can be with how much you need and when you need it by the more credible, compelling and worthy you will seem. Create a sense of urgency and immediacy. While many Americans are already aware that there is a national emergency in North Dakota, the email frames the urgency even more directly: “President Obama has already declared a state of emergency in this area, because of flood waters that could reach over 44 feet! It’s already 22 feet above the flood stage – 22 feet! That’s over the roof line of many of the houses!” What for? Show what specific and tangible result will come from a donation – for the donor and for your programs. People give because they want to do something good, so give assurances that good things will happen due to their donations. In this case, 3,000 animals are in need of temporary shelter, food, medical care and clean water.Who says? The messenger is often as important as the message. Use trustworthy messengers – people you’ve actually helped or other donors instead of just you. People say friends and family are the most influential in determining where they give money, so also think about how you can get your supporters to speak for you among their own circles of influence.  In this case, the messenger is someone people can trust, a relief manager who is on the ground at the scene of the disaster.And in terms of email marketing best practices, this email is also very effective:The email includes an opt-out link at the bottom.The sender used a plain text email instead of HTML, which underscores the sense of urgency.The subject line is compelling and draws the reader’s interest “FW: Urgent: N. Dakota flood emergency” — it also gives the appearance of an email you might receive forwarded from a friend.While this email looks like it was sent from an email client like Outlook, IFAW wouldn’t make that mistake.  They are actually using an email service provider.Here’s the email:—————————————————-Dear Jono,I’m quickly forwarding this email from Dick Green, IFAW’s Emergency Relief Manager, who is planning our emergency animal rescue response to the tragic flooding in North Dakota.There may be over 3,000 animals in need of temporary shelter, food, medical care and clean water, including many cats and dogs abandoned or separated from their owners. Our rescue teams are on the way right now.Please send an emergency donation to help us rescue and care for as many animals as possible.It’s up to us to make sure these animals get the care they need. I’ll update you on the situation as soon as we have more information.Thanks so much,Fred O’ReganPresident—————————————————-From: Dick GreenSent: Friday, March 27, 2009 3:52 PMTo: Fred O’ReganSubject: Urgent: N. Dakota flood emergencyFred,The situation for animals in North Dakota is bad. Already many areas are flooded and many animals are stranded and need to be rescued.I’ve just been asked by the North Dakota Animal Health Commission to mobilize IFAW’s Emergency Relief Team to assist with the rescue and temporary sheltering of what could be over 3,000 animals, most of them cats and dogs separated from their owners. Animal shelters are to be established in Fargo, Bismarck, and Valley City.This is going to be a huge drain on our resources and we’re going to need emergency funding for crates, food, medicine, and the many other supplies essential to setting to set up shelters on this scale.President Obama has already declared a state of emergency in this area, because of flood waters that could reach over 44 feet! It’s already 22 feet above the flood stage – 22 feet! That’s over the roof line of many of the houses!The state has already mobilized the National Guard to help local police and fire departments with the rescue and evacuation, but they can’t do it all. That’s why we’ve been called in to look after the animals. I am flying out now to help the Assistant State Vet coordinate NGO resources. Our rescue and sheltering teams will arrive on Sat and Sun at which time I will leave the State Emergency Operations Center and join them.Before we arrive, supporters need to know about this emergency so they can take an active role in helping us save as many cats and dogs as possible. I’ll share more details on our conference call later tonight.Best,DickThis message was sent to XXXX. Please click here to remove yourself from IFAW’s e-mail lists.last_img read more

10 Tips to Boost Your Fundraising

first_imgThe new book, Nonprofit Management 101, is a super useful soup-to-nuts guide to running a nonprofit. (Full disclosure: My colleague Rebecca Higman and I wrote a chapter on online fundraising.) The book’s editor, Darian Heyman, has been kind enough to share ten fundraising tips from the book. Here are the first two. To get the full list – at no cost – go here! (See the bottom right corner of the website page.) Enjoy.We combed through the hundreds of tips and takeaways featured in Nonprofit Management 101 and pulled out ten gems that will revolutionize your ability to bring more money in the door without adding additional, daunting responsibilities to your schedule. We hope you enjoy these Top Ten Fundraising Tips. If you find any of these helpful, be sure to check out and follow us on Facebook at so you can be the first to hear from us when new whitepapers are released, and to learn about more helpful tips and resources.1. How to get your board more involved in fundraising:Stage a Board Member Thank-a-Thon. Tons of nonprofits experience frustration with getting their boards to fundraise; in fact, it’s the second biggest reasons why E.D.s leave their post according to CompassPoint’s “Daring to Lead” study. Any easy way to give board members a chance to dip their toes in the waters of donor engagement is staging a thank-athon. The key is to make it easy for board members to participate, and to help them understand that fundraising is much more than making an ask. By inviting your board members to come together one evening or weekend to call and thank recent donors, they will get exposure interacting with donors and will leave feeling empowered and connected to your organization’s work. This will also help to improve relationships with your donors, who will be delighted to receive a thank you call without an attached ask. (Read more from Bob Zimmerman in Chapter 31, “Getting Your Board to Fundraise.”2. How to increase your chances of getting a grant:Never Apply for a Grant Without Contacting the Foundation First. As much as you might want to believe that grants are awarded simply due to the fit of the program and the excellence of the application, it simply isn’t true. In fact in our experience the odds of getting a grant that you send in without contacting the foundation are about 5-10%. Just as in individual (and all!) fundraising, developing relationships is critical. There are people at these foundations, called program officers, who are directly responsible for deciding who gets money and who doesn’t. They care deeply about the work they are funding, and consider it an advantage to be able to scope out potential grantees. In person meetings with program officers are ideal, but even a short phone call with a grant manager or administrator can still yield the basic information you need, as well as getting your name in the mind of someone at the foundation. Sometimes these initial conversations can save you valuable time in applying for a grant program that was not a fit—always do your homework on their funding goals ahead of time! But often, they are valuable knowledge gathering sessions: use the call or meeting to identify their key priorities and desired language, which many times cannot be found on their website; figure out which of your programs or initiatives is the best fit, and determine how much money you should request. Finally, go out on a limb and ask if they would be willing to preview your LOI (Letter of Intent) or proposal before your official submission. This will give them a sense of ownership over your request and provide you with valuable feedback. Start today by calling the offices of your top foundation prospect and seeing if you can get on a relevant program officer’s schedule. Read more from Tori O’Neal-McElrath in Chapter 20, “How to Seek a Grant.”last_img read more

5 Email Design Mistakes to Avoid this Holiday Season

first_imgWe all know that the holidays are a busy time of year, and not just for you and your staff, but for your supporters and volunteers as well.That’s why it’s more important than ever to make the right choices when designing your holiday and end-of-year email fundraising campaigns.To help you get noticed and stand out from the crowd this holiday season, here are five design mistakes all nonprofits need to avoid:1. Overwhelming readers with holiday cheer.When using colors, fonts, and imagery to give your emails a holiday-feel, it’s important to find a balance.You don’t want your emails to blend in with all of the other red, green, and gold messages that will be flooding inboxes in the days, weeks, and months ahead, but you also don’t want to look like the house on your block that’s gone completely overboard with its decorations.Remember, making your emails recognizable is far more important than decorating them with holiday cheer. Use the colors and fonts that match your organization’s brand first and then use the holiday stuff to compliment your message.2. Forgetting to use your photo album.The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to develop a more human connection with the people who receive your emails. Whether you’re in the middle of an end-of-year fundraiser or are just wishing your supporters happy holidays, choosing the right image for your email is an easy way to make that connection.Avoid using photos that look fake or staged. Look at the photos you’ve taken over the course of the year. Do you have photos on your Facebook page, on Instagram, or even saved on your mobile device? (Need a powerful email marketing tool that will allow you to send compelling appeals? You can easily upload your photos with Constant Contact. Find out more.)3. Dragging on and on.Being as clear and concise as possible with the messages you send out is important any time of year, but it is especially important during the busy holiday season.Readers aren’t just receiving a ton of emails from businesses and organizations like yours, they’re also dealing with a ton of other responsibilities that come along with the holiday season.Do your readers a favor and keep your content short and to the point. If you have a lot to say, look for opportunities to link to your website, blog, or event landing pages for additional information.4. Making it impossible to read on-the-go.Forty-three percent of all emails are read on a mobile device, and you can expect that number to be even higher during this busy time of year.If you’re making it difficult for people to read your emails on these devices, you could have trouble reaching potential donors and volunteers.Because of the limited real estate you get with a mobile device, it’s generally better to use simple layouts. Often times with multi-column layouts (two columns and more), your readers will have to zoom or scroll on their smartphone to see everything. Using a single-column template will make your content much more flexible for all screen sizes.5. Burying your call to action.Not to belabor the point, but with everyone being pulled in different directions this time of year, it’s important that you’re making it easy for people to act on the emails you send out.What is the purpose of your email? Do you want people to donate? Volunteer? Register for an upcoming event? Make it clear to your readers what you want them to do. And make sure it’s easy for people to take action!Ready to get started?Small improvements to your email design can make a big difference for your nonprofit’s year-end fundraising campaign.Happy Holidays from Constant Contact!(Already a Constant Contact user? Log into your Constant Contact account and get started today.) As Constant Contact’s Content Developer, Ryan Pinkham helps small businesses and nonprofits recognize their full potential through marketing and social media.Photo from Flickr member Christopher S. Pennlast_img read more

Create a Fundraising Plan: Setting Your Course

first_imgI’ve never described myself as a runner, which is why it was a total surprise to my friends and family (and even myself) when I started running 5Ks last year. I used to “run” occasionally, but nowhere in the league of runners who put in many more miles than I did and still do each week. It was while out for a run on vacation last year when I became curious to see just how far I could go before collapsing. As my iPod prompter announced in my ear, “2 miles… 2.5 miles… 3 miles… 3.5 miles,” I was stunned that I could run a 5K distance without feeling completely spent. Since that time, I’ve run a number of races, tracked and compared my split paces and overall times, and tried to tailor my training to increase speed and build up momentum. I’m always asking myself just how far and fast I can go, with my ultimate goal being to run a 10K. For more about setting goals and developing a plan, download a copy of the eGuide How to Create a Fundraising Plan. You’ll also have access to free Excel templates to help you map out your strategy. Putting together a development plan is a lot like training for a race. It’s composed of equal parts realism and aspiration. Just as I prepare for a race by setting a speed goal based on my previous fastest pace, the realism in a development plan comes from building next year’s projections off current and past giving trends. What’s your starting point? How much have you been able to raise in the past? How has that revenue typically broken down among Individuals (annual fund and major gifts), foundations, corporations, events, and online and direct mail appeals? Once you put numbers next to each donor category, do they add up to the organizational budget goal you need to raise next year? If not, you will need to identify where to focus on growing revenue.This is where the aspiration enters the mix. In my running example, I have speed and distance goals that are both slightly out of reach right now. They inspire me to keep pushing myself so I can turn these aspirations into reality. In your development planning, how much can you grow your fundraising so it’s a bit of a stretch but still attainable? Mind you, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure by overprojecting how much you can raise. You do, however, want to always look at where you can expand and enhance your fundraising efforts to yield more revenue. For example, if your donor base is not evenly distributed among individual and institutional donors, you might look at ways to diversify so your funding isn’t dependent on one type of donor. Even within donor categories, what can you build into your activities next year that will encourage increased contributions? Maybe it’s creating a donor giving circle or starting a major gifts or corporate partners program.The fundraising targets are one way to know if you’re building a sustainable fundraising model based on an engaged and, hopefully, growing donor base that is more deeply investing in your work. In addition to tracking dollars raised, donor-retention metrics help you define who is and can be in your universe of supporters. These metrics might include:Total number of donors: Maintain at least that same donor retention rate next year.Total number of new donors to acquire. In thinking about your growth strategies, what ways can you aim to acquire at least as many new donors as you did this current year?Total number of lapsed donors (two fiscal years prior compared to current fiscal year): What can you do through communications and outreach strategies to convert some of your lapsed donors back to supporting you next year?Finally, and no less important, while this part of the planning has focused on how much you want to raise, you also need to evaluate how much your fundraising activities will cost. Starting with your current-year fundraising expenses and keeping in mind the aspirational but attainable stretch targets you’ve set, are there necessary additional costs for things like events, staffing, or direct mail? It costs money to raise money, and it’s important to ensure you have enough resources to set yourself up for success.Now you’ve begun to chart your course for next year. In my next blog post, we’ll look at what metrics will help you track your progress toward your fiscal year goals.last_img read more

Wenger is going to manage again soon – Petit

first_imgArsene Wenger “is going to manage soon”, claims Emmanuel Petit, with the former Arsenal boss being tipped to return to the dugout amid ongoing talk of a possible role at Bayern Munich.There is no vacancy with the Bundesliga giants at present, but Niko Kovac has found himself falling under mounting pressure just a few months into his tenure.It has been suggested that Bayern will turn to Wenger’s considerable experience if a change is made, with the Frenchman still out of work after bringing a 22-year Arsenal reign to a close. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! Petit believes an appointment for a man he worked under in north London is imminent, with it considered unlikely that an iconic coach will shun another managerial role and head into a directorial post instead.Asked if Wenger is going to retire, former Gunners midfielder Petit told The Sun: “No. He is going to manage soon. Yes, soon.“I had a conversation three weeks ago when I was in Dubai. He was with a friend of mine.“There are big rumours in France about him taking over as Bayern Munich manager.“Some of them said he is going to go to Madrid, I don’t believe in it. Some of them said there is big things at Paris Saint-Germain as a sporting director.“You’ve got big names there. Can you imagine if you put Arsene Wenger there? I don’t believe in it.“I still believe Arsene is passionate about the field, working with the players. This is something really important for him.“It’s vital, so I don’t see him working in the offices. He could, he has the knowledge and the intelligence to do that. He still has experience to give on the pitch.”Arsene Wenger Bayern Munich LogoPetit feels Wenger still has plenty of offer the world of coaching, with important lessons taken from the way his spell at Arsenal ended even at the age of 68.“What happened with Arsenal gave him a big kick up the a**e,” added the 1998 World Cup winner.“It was meant to be. It was even a bit too late but I think that was good for him. Now he does not have the security and he has had to take a step back.“He has to think ‘what was missing, did I do everything right?’ Just like a player after a game. I know him very well and he has done that.“I’m sure he knows exactly what was wrong. Even when he is almost 70 years old that will serve him as an experience.“They needed a change. Even Arsene knows it. He knows that after 20 years at the same club and frustrating years.“It’s like living with your wife after a while things are not the same way. It was like a divorce, but it was meant to be.”last_img read more

Man City team news and likely line-up

first_imgManchester City overcame Hoffenheim in their final Champions League group stage game on Wednesday night but the squad has been stretched as a result of a number of injuries. A first Premier League defeat of the season last weekend against Chelsea ensured that Liverpool would pass City to move into first place in the table. Manager Pep Guardiola claimed midweek that he only had 15 fit players with the likes of Sergio Aguero, Fernandinho, David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne and Benjamin Mendy all missing out against the Germans.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! Speaking on Friday, however, the Catalan coach had some good news.Man City injuriesJohn Stones came off at half-time against Hoffenheim with his place at right-back going to Kyle Walker in the second half. Guardiola revealed that Stones had trained on Friday but was still a doubt to face his former club.Danilo wasn’t fit to the start in midweek either, though there are fewer selection difficulties for Guardiola further up the field. Aguero and De Bruyne trained without pain ahead of the Toffees clash and are likely to feature on Saturday, handing the Citizens a much needed boost. Fernandinho, meanwhile, could also return to the lineup. Elsewhere, playmaker David Silva could well be out for three weeks with a hamstring problem while Mendy won’t be back until February at the earliest.Substitute goalkeeper Claudio Bravo is a long-term absentee.Man City suspensionsNo player is suspended. Man City potential starting line-upWhile Guardiola had injuries to contend with midweek he also rested the likes of Walker and Fabian Delph at the outset. They could well come back into the fold. He has coped with the absence of De Bruyne quite well all season with Bernardo Silva deputising productively. Guardiola also has options in attack with Leroy Sane impressing in recent weeks and taking the starting berth from Riyad Mahrez. If Fernandinho doesn’t make it then Ilkay Gundogan could well play in the anchor role again. Phil Foden started on Wednesday but is likely to find himself back on the bench on Saturday. Stones’ withdrawal was no big deal according to Guardiola but City’s central defensive area is one part of the pitch where they are well stocked. Gabriel Jesus has only scored once in the Premier League all season and his place up front will go to Aguero, if fit, after missing the last four games through injury.Man City Predicted Lineup EvertonEverton team newsJames McCarthy is a long-term absentee with a cruciate knee ligament injury. Idrissa Gana Gueye was replaced in the draw against Watford on Monday night and could well be out. Opta match facts In all competitions, Manchester City have won just two of their last seven games against Everton (D3 L2), managing only one clean sheet in this run (0-0 in January 2016). Everton have drawn each of their last three away games against Manchester City in the Premier League, with just four goals being scored in these meetings (two each). Among teams that have faced Manchester City at the Etihad on 10+ occasions in the Premier League, no side has avoided defeat in a higher percentage of their games than Everton (60% – 15 games, six defeats; the same as Liverpool). Manchester City haven’t lost a Premier League game against a non “big six” opponent since January 2017 versus Everton. Since then, they have won 139/153 points in these matches (W44 D7 L0). Manchester City haven’t lost consecutive Premier League games since December 2016, when they lost against Chelsea and Leicester City. Manchester City have won their last nine Premier League home games by an aggregate score of 33-6. Manchester City have won just 25% of their Premier League games against Everton under Pep Guardiola (P4 W1 D2 L1) – indeed, only against Liverpool (20%) do they have a lower win percentage in the competition since Guardiola took charge (min. 3 meetings). Under Pep Guardiola, Manchester City have conceded seven Premier League goals against Everton – against no other side have they shipped more. Since the start of last season, Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling has been directly involved in 26 goals in 21 Premier League home games (17 goals, 9 assists). Without Richarlison’s eight league goals this season, Everton would be nine points worse off in the Premier League – no player has seen their goals be worth more points than the Brazilian forward (level with Aubameyang for Arsenal and Murray for Brighton).TV coverage & kick-off timeKick off is 12:30pm GMT (07:30am ET) on Saturday. The game will be shown in the UK on Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Ultra HD. It will be shown live in the US on NBC Sports Live, Telemundo Deportes En Vivo, SiriusXM FC, UNIVERSO, NBCSN, and UNIVERSO NOW. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Guardiola hails ruthless City

first_imgPep Guardiola hailed Manchester City’s rampant performance in their 9-0 win over Burton Albion and welcomed the chance to rest his stars for the second leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final.Defending champions City’s place in next month’s final is all but secured even before the return leg of the last-four clash after Gabriel Jesus scored four goals in Wednesday’s rout. Kevin De Bruyne, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Phil Foden, Kyle Walker and Riyad Mahrez also found the net on a miserable night for League One Burton. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! Guardiola was proud to see his side continue to look for goals despite having the match wrapped up with four at half-time and is now looking forward to giving some members of his squad a break in their hectic schedule.”We are in the final,” the Spaniard told his post-match media conference. “Of course, we have to play the second game [and] we will take it seriously.”Big congratulations to Burton for the tournament they have done, they have beaten teams from the Premier League and Championship, they deserve to be here.”We scored the first goal quickly but the period between the first and second goal was not good, we didn’t control our right side, they had a clear chance at 1-0.”But the difference with Premier League teams is the quality of the players and the rhythm. When you have high intensity for 90 minutes they [drop] and that’s why after the third and fourth goals it was easier.Foden Jesus Silva Manchester City“It was important to take advantage. We didn’t expect to score so many goals but it is good because we are in the final, that’s nice and to come back again means a lot for us.”Every game is important, that is why we are satisfied to get back to Wembley.”He added: “Of course we will play some of the second team and players who don’t play regularly [in the return leg], but in this incredible schedule we have a little bit of a break in that week to prepare for the other competitions.”Nigel Clough was proud of Burton’s performance against the Premier League champions and urged his players not to get too disheartened and instead focus on their incredible run to the last four.”I don’t think we could’ve done too much more with the quality that is out there,” he said. “They’re professional. They never ease off. They don’t just beat you, they annihilate you.”We could do better with one or two but the gulf [in class] of the two teams is far too much to comprehend.”We’re talking about [Manchester] United, Arsenal and Chelsea bridging the gap … we’ve got no chance.”We’ll celebrate, it’s not about tonight: it’s about Burton Albion getting to the semi-final. We’ll probably never be here again and that is how big this achievement is. A lot of clubs have never reached one.”last_img read more

Virat Kohli’s stars lead batting and bowling charts as India extend world domination

first_imgIndian cricket is at is pinnacle. The team is on the rampage, having won eight successive Test series and five in ODIs which does not include the journey to the final of the Champions Trophy.And the success has come not because one man or one superstar has carried the team through. It has been a collective team effort and possibly for the first time in history, batting bowling charts across formats are being dominated by Indians.India have been totally dominant and they have bullied their way past teams like the West Indies did decades ago and Australia did in the recent past.Consider this: India have won ODI series against England, West Indies and Sri Lanka this year. They have only been beaten in five ODIs over the last eight months and have won seven of their last eight ODIs since that crushing defeat to Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final.This has been a concerted attempt at world domination, led by Virat Kohli, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ravindra Jadeja and R Ashwin.AP PhotoKohli is the leading run-scorer in ODIs this year so far with 907 runs from 17 matches including three hundreds and six fifties. He has in fact gone past Sanath Jayasuriya and his 29 career hundreds are only third behind Sachin Tendulkar (49) and Ricky Ponting (30).Jasprit Bumrah, who only debuted in 2016 and is still learning the tricks of international cricket, went through the pain of bowling a no-ball (which incidentally could have felled Fakhr Zaman) in the Champions Trophy final. But he held up well enough and has been on fire in Sri Lanka. He is currently the fourth-highest wicket-taker in ODIs this year.advertisementBumrah’s Mumbai Indians team-mate Hardik Pandya is seventh in the list of ODI wicket-takers in 2017. No surprise then that India have been virtually unbeaten in limited-overs cricket.Meanwhile, India have continued their golden run in Test cricket to stay comfortably on top of the ICC rankings.Pujara, Jadeja and Ashwin have highlighted India’s march which has seen them win six out of eight Tests so far.AP PhotoPujara is the leading run-scorer this year with 851 runs from eight Tests studded with three hundreds and four fifties.Jadeja and Ashwin are the leading wicket-takers with 44 apiece from seven and eight Tests respectively.India, currently in Sri Lanka, will soon return home for another long season before starting their overseas tours. There will be ODI series against Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka at home besides three Tests against the Lankans.Expect some more brilliance from India’s top stars. They should be ready to shine away from home by the time India set sail for South Africa. This is a Team India with a difference – can the players attain greatness sooner rather than later?last_img read more

Modi, Tendulkar join others in congratulating Sindhu

first_imgNew Delhi, Sep 17 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi and cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar today congratulated star India shuttler P V Sindhu for winning the Korea Open Super Series title in Seoul.Sindhu defeated world champion Nozomi Okuhara of Japan in a thrilling summit clash to clinch the womens singles title 22-20 11-21 20-18 in an energy-sapping contest that lasted an hour and 23 minutes.”Congratulations to @Pvsindhu1 on emerging victorious in the Korea Open Super Series. India is immensely proud of her accomplishment: PM,” the PMO India wrote on its twitter handle.Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore also tweeted, saying: “What a brilliant game by @PVSindhu1! Congrats on winning #KoreaSS! India is proud of you! May the victories never stop coming!”With this victory, the 22-year-old shuttler has avenged her World Championships final defeat to the same opponent and Tendulkar termed her win as a “victory like none other”.”You tried, you failed, you believed and in the end you are an inspiration for the nation! A victory like none other,” Tendulkar tweeted.Former India batsman Virender Sehwag called Sindhu a “legend” after she clinched her third Superseries title.”At 22 Pusarla Venkata Sindhu is a legend. What a player! Congratulations on this stunning finals win. Most breathtaking badminton @Pvsindhu1,” Sehwag tweeted. Another former India cricketer VVS Laxman said that Sindhu and Okuharas rivalry was turning out to be one of the greatest of all time. “#SindhuVsOkuhara is turning out to be 1 of the great sporting rivalries. Many congrats to @Pvsindhu1 for an exceptional victory in the finals.” Star boxer Vijender Singh also congratulated Sindhu, saying the entire country is proud of her achievement. “She Believed She Could, So She Did. Congrats @Pvsindhu1 First Indian To Win. India Is Proud of You,” Vijender said. PTI CM ATK ATKadvertisementlast_img read more

Antonio Conte urges returning Kenedy to seize opportunities

first_imgChelsea manager Antonio Conte has urged Kenedy to continue seizing opportunities after the midfielder struck in the 5-1 League Cup win over second-tier Nottingham Forest on Wednesday.The Brazilian opened the scoring before Michy Batshuayi bagged a hat-trick and Charly Musonda sealed Chelsea’s passage to the fourth round, where they were drawn against fellow Premier League side Everton.Kenedy was making his first appearance for the Premier League champions since being sent home from Chelsea’s pre-season tour of Asia in July after he posted offensive messages on social media in China and his performance impressed Conte.”Kenedy played well and gave a good answer. Some players haven’t played a lot and it’s important to continue to work. I hope the game improved their confidence… they must continue in this way,” Conte told the club’s website ( Photo “He’s working very well and improving. He has to continue and when there is an opportunity he must take it,” Conte said.The 21-year-old, who has made 16 appearances for Chelsea in the Premier League, returned to the club in January after a loan spell at Watford and will now be hoping to gain more first-team action.Conte added that defender David Luiz, who fractured a wrist bone against Arsenal at the weekend, would be available for next week’s Champions League clash in Spain.”He is an important player for us, I know what happened at the end of the first half (on Sunday) but he will be ready for the game against Atletico Madrid,” Conte said of the Brazilian, who was sent off in the 0-0 draw against the Gunners.advertisementlast_img read more

CBSE Board Class 9, Class 11 Exam 2017-18 registration begins at How to apply

first_imgThe Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has started the online registrations for regular candidates of Class 9 and Class 11 on the official website, the link for which is www.cbse.nic.inHere’s what the official notification read:”All CBSE affiliated schools should register themselves before proceeding for online submission. They can use the password and ‘Affiliation Number’ as user ID already available with them. “Newly affiliated schools should contact the concerned Regional Office of the CBSE for obtaining password.”How to register for Class 9, Class 11 exam:1.    During the process of registration, school will be required to update the following: Schools have to enter number of sections for which registration is to be done. This information should be first decided before starting online registration. This information should be filled very carefully as schools will not be allowed to change the declared section/strength afterwards. System will automatically multiply the number of section entered by 40. Thereafter school can start entering candidate details.2.    Method of uploading individual entry and uploading excel file in bulk:Schools having few students in class 9 and 11 can enter the details directly on the website by individual entry. For bulk entry, schools can optionally download the excel file by clicking the option ‘Download Excel File.’3.    Check list printing of registered studentsSchools shall take a print of list of students submitted by choosing the option “Check list Printing of Registered Students.”4.    Correction of registered list of studentsThis activity has three options ADD, MODIFY, DELETE5.    Finalisation of data and fee paymentadvertisementFinalisation of data means no more correction/deletion/modification of data which have been submitted, implying thereby data submitted is final.6.    Printing of final list of registration of students:Final list cannot be generated unless fee is deposited. Schools shall take printout of final list of registered students.7.    Dispatch of final list to CBSE regional office:School shall send the following to the Regional Office concerned.Note: CBSE has also notified that class 9 examination will be taken internally by the school and its marksheet will be issued by the school. However, class 10 examination will be conducted by the CBSE.Scheme of Studies — Secondary School Examination for academic session Class 9 2017-18 and Class 10 2018-19Fee for registration of class 9/class 11 students is as under:Note: All independent schools located in India have to deposit mandatory sports fee of Rs 10,000 per school per year along with above registration fee. Online system will automatically add this fee.About CBSE:CBSE was established in 1962. CBSE affiliates all Kendriya Vidyalayas, all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, private schools and most of the schools approved by central government of India. Every year, the board conducts the class 10 and class 12 exam in the month of March.For information on more latest news and updates, click here.   For more updates, follow India Today Education or you can write to us at education.intoday@gmail.comlast_img read more

Japanese Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel reprimanded for anthem absence

first_imgSebastian Vettel’s Sunday could not get much worse after engine problems at the Japanese Grand Prix all but killed off his title hopes, but Formula One stewards reprimanded him anyway for missing the national anthem before the race.The German failed to turn up on time for the Japanese anthem, an understandable absence given the commotion around his car as mechanics hurried to fix a sparkplug problem.The non-driving reprimand for the rules breach, as opposed to one handed out for something that happened on the track, was his first of the season.Vettel lasted only four laps of the race before the unresolved issue forced him to retire, a setback that left Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton 59 points clear at the top with four races remaining.There are two types of reprimand, for driving and non-driving offences, with three reprimands in a season triggering an automatic 10-place grid penalty for the next race.The penalty, however, is only imposed if at least two of the three reprimands were for a driving infringement.last_img read more

Chung Hyeon beats Andrey Rublev to become first Next Gen champion

first_imgSouth Korean iceman Chung Hyeon doused the fire of Russian Andrey Rublev to win the inaugural Next Gen ATP Finals on Saturday — pocketing a $390,000 cheque in the process.Chung, 21, was outplayed in the first set and was 3-1 behind in the second set before taking over to win 3-4(5) 4-3(2) 4-2 4-2 to go through the five-day round-robin tournament unbeaten.A high-quality final full of sublime ball-striking was a fitting end to a promising debut for an event which has experimented with a range of innovations such as shorts sets, ‘sudden-death’ deuces and on-court coaching.The 2017 #NextGenATP Finals Champion! Congratulations, Hyeon Chung ?????? Next Gen ATP Finals (@nextgenfinals) November 11, 2017The 20-year-old Rublev, at 37th the highest-ranked qualifier for the event restricted to players aged 21 and under, lost his cool as the relentless Chung turned the match around.But the Muscovite showed tremendous resolve to survive a deciding point deuce, effectively match point, when serving at 1-3 in the fourth set, winning a ferocious baseline exchange.The 54th-ranked Chung showed his first sign of nerves when he double-faulted at 30-30 in the next game but Rublev wasted the break point with a shanked forehand.At deuce Rublev still had the chance to drag the set into a tiebreak but Chung struck a forehand winner to seal victory in just under two hours of compelling action.A look at how the talented Hyeon Chung made history in Milan? #NextGenATP Next Gen ATP Finals (@nextgenfinals) November 11, 2017Chung, 21, is the first South Korean to win an ATP singles trophy since Hyung Taik-lee captured the 2003 Sydney title by beating Juan Carlos Ferrero.advertisementRublev, who began his ATP Tour title collection in Umag this year, looked close to tears at the end but his performance, and that of Chung’s, suggested both will be challenging for some of the biggest prizes in the sport before long.Add in the likes of Canadian teenager Denis Shapovalov, who dazzled in the Fiera Milano venue earlier in the week, beaten semi-finalists Daniil Medvedev and Croatian Borna Coric and a third Russian, Karen Khachanov, not to mention American Jared Donaldson, and the future looks bright for the men’s Tour.Whether or not any of the rule changes trialled this week ever become regular features remains to be seen, although the 25-second shot clock and shorter warm-ups were popular with players and fans alike.”I’m just so happy”Back in his dressing room, Hyeon Chung simply can’t stop smiling ?º? #NextGenATP Next Gen ATP Finals (@nextgenfinals) November 12, 2017last_img read more

Hong Kong Open: PV Sindhu enters semi-finals with win over Akane Yamaguchi

first_imgPV Sindhu reached the semi-finals of the Hong Kong Open for the second straight year with a straight-set victory over Japanese Akane Yamaguchi on Friday.Second seed Sindhu outclassed China Super Series Premier winner Yamaguchi 21-12, 21-19 in a matter of 37 minutes.With the victory, Sindhu bettered her head-to-head with the Japanese taking a 4-2 lead. The Indian had last met Yamaguchi in the French Open, where the Japanese had triumphed in two games.Sindhu will be up against sixth seed Ratchanok Intanon of Thailand, who earlier beat Canada’s Michelle Li 21-14, 21-16, in the semi-finals.Sindhu is the last Indian in the tournament as Saina Nehwal and HS Prannoy bowed out in the second round.last_img

Chung Hyeon wants to make tennis popular in South Korea

first_imgChung Hyeon hopes his surprise run to the Australian Open semi-finals will give South Korean tennis a shot in the arm and the 21-year-old said his next target was breaking into the top 10 in the world rankings.Chung, who beat six-time champion Novak Djokovic in the fourth round at Melbourne Park last week, was forced to retire from his last four clash with eventual champion Roger Federer due to blistered feet on Friday.President Moon Jae-in issued a statement congratulating Chung for writing a “new chapter in South Korean sports history” and the player was welcomed home by hundreds of fans at Incheon International Airport on Sunday evening.”I didn’t expect this many people to be here,” he said of his reception. “I must have done something big.”Chung rose from 58th in the world to 29th when the latest rankings were released on Monday, the highest position ever achieved by a Korean player.”I really want a place in the top 10 now,” Yonhap News quoted Chung as saying. “I’m setting my sights on something high and going after it.”The Korean Tennis Association is planning to pour more resources into the game to capitalise on Chung’s exploits, while sales of tennis equipment surged last week.”Tennis isn’t a popular sport here right now but I want it to become popular,” Chung said.Chung added that he would visit a hospital on Monday for treatment on his blisters before deciding on his upcoming schedule.last_img read more

Parupalli Kashyap beats June Wei Cheam to clinch Austria Open title

first_imgCommonwealth Games champion Parupalli Kashyap clinched his first international title in over three years as he overcame Malaysia’s June Wei Cheam to emerge men’s singles champion at the Austrian Open International Challenge.Kashyap, a former National champion and second seed, saw off Cheam 23-21 21-14 in a 37-minute clash late on Saturday night.”It has been a tough week. I haven’t won so many matches in a single tournament for quite sometime and then playing two rounds in a day was tough. I have been struggling against almost same set of players in the last three super series and I knew I have to cross them here. So happy with my performance,” Kashyap told PTI.His last title came at the Syed Modi International Badminton Championships in 2015.The 31-year-old Indian, who had reached the finals of US Open Grand Prix Gold last year, looked in good touch throughout the tournament as he didn’t drop a single game en route the title.The final, however, was not a cakewalk as world number 126 Cheam matched Kashyap in the first game, which went down to the wires. In the end, the Indian, ranked 44, had to save three game points before pocketing the first game.Kashyap looked in better control in the second game and eventually sealed the contest in 37 minutes.”My fitness was at the top level this week and I was able to push them and they cracked. I have been lacking in confidence of late, so this tournament gave me that confidence to pull off those tight matches where you are down by a couple of points,” he said.advertisement”I was down in the semifinals, quarterfinals and also in the finals but I didn’t panic and could pull off the matches. In final, I was leading 18-15 then he pushed the pace and changed his strategy. But I could recover and stop him. I didn’t rush in end stages. I was in my comfort zone. So it was a new approach to the tournament.”A former world no 6, Kashyap had been wrecked by a calf muscle tear, went under the knife for a knee injury, suffered a dislocation of his right shoulder, a hamstring pull and an abdominal strain all within the last few years. Comeback has been hard and his ranking slipped significantly.”I plan to train for four weeks and then play at Orleans Masters later next month. The plan is to be inside top 30 by May end and make the main draws of super series events. I have time to train after Orlean before going to Australia and New Zealand in May.(With PTI inputs)last_img read more

Lionel Messi is the kind of player born once in 50 years, says Antonio Conte

first_imgChelsea manager Antonio Conte was in awe of Lionel Messi’s superlative performance on Wednesday, which led his side’s exit from the Champions League.Conte’s Chelsea bowed out of the Europe’s elite club competition after being thrashed by Barcelona 3-0 in the second leg of the Round of 16 tie.Even though Chelsea played with some good flair and unlukily hit the post four times across the two legs and Messi was the difference with his precision and quality.Messi scored twice to take his tally to 100 goals in the competition and also set up Ousmane Dembele to open his Barcelona account.At the final whistle, Conte was seen marching onto the pitch to congratulate Messi on his display.When you’re deceived by Messi’s drop of the shoulder #UCL Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) March 14, 2018″We are talking about a player who can move the final result for every team, for any team he is playing in,” Conte was quoted as saying by ESPNFC.”He started to play with Barcelona and for sure he will finish his career in Barcelona. Many teams can hope to have him in their team, but it won’t be possible.”This is a great story for Barcelona and Messi. This type of player is born (once) in 50 years. We are talking about one single player with this capacity, with this ability, with these skills.Asked what were his words to the Argentine, Conte replied: “When you have the opportunity to make a great compliment to Messi, I think it’s right.advertisement”It’s right to praise a super, super, super top player. A player who is able to score 60 goals in every season, not only for one season. I’m very pleased to have the opportunity at the end of the game to give him my compliments because we are talking about an extraordinary player, the best in the world.”Chelsea had their moments too, hitting the post with a Marcos Alonso free kick in the first half and seeing Antonio Rudiger’s header crash off the crossbar late on.Conte said the final result was unfair and they dominated the game for larger parts after conceding the early goal.”If you watched the game, you can see the final result is unfair,” he added.”Our start was terrible, to concede a goal after only two minutes. But, after this, we tried to play football for a long time and dominated the game, creating chances to score. Over the two legs, we hit the post (or crossbar) four times. This is very strange. I think that a fantastic player moved the final result and the qualification. In these two legs, Messi moved the final result. He scored three goals. He made a decisive pass for Dembele to score.”It’s a pity. But, at the same time, I must be honest. I have to praise the commitment of my players. I must be very proud of my players because they gave everything. We have to continue in this way, with this will to fight, this desire to fight together.”(With inputs from IANS)last_img read more

Johannesburg Test: Dogged South Africa in command with 401-run lead

first_imgSouth Africa opener Dean Elgar dropped anchor to steer his side to 134 for three in their second innings at the close of the third day of the fourth and final Test against Australia on Sunday, giving the hosts a daunting lead of 401 runs.Elgar amassed 39 from 158 balls in a patient knock that has been the glue for South Africa’s second innings, as they look to build an unassailable lead with two full days remaining at the Wanderers.Australia need victory to avoid a first series defeat in South Africa since 1970, but have been rocked by the ball-tampering scandal that saw former captain Steve Smith, his deputy David Warner and batsman Cameron Bancroft sent home and slapped with hefty bans after the third Test in Cape Town.Elgar will resume on the fourth morning, with his captain Faf du Plessis on 34, as the pair look to increase the lead towards the 500-run mark.With so much time left in the Test, a declaration at that point would make South Africa heavy favourites to win or secure a draw at the very least.The wicket is beginning to misbehave with variable bounce and there is sideways movement to assist the bowlers, which has brought Australia some success.The excellent Pat Cummins (2/35) removed in-form Aiden Markram (37) when he edged to Peter Handscomb at second slip, but not before the opener, playing just his 18th Test innings, went past 1,000 runs in the five day game, the second fastest to reach that mark for South Africa behind Graeme Smith (17 innings).advertisementHashim Amla (16) was caught at backward short leg by Mitchell March from a Nathan Lyon delivery, while AB de Villiers (six) gloved a rising Cummins ball to wicketkeeper Tim Paine.South Africa had earlier bowled Australia out for 221 in their first innings with a rush of wickets after lunch having been frustrated in the morning session by Paine (62) and Cummins (50), who put on 99 for the seventh wicket.New Australia captain Paine batted bravely with a stress fracture on his thumb to score a valuable half-century, his fourth in Test cricket, but was the last man out as Elgar took a brilliant running catch at mid-off from a Kagiso Rabada (3-53) delivery.Cummins was the only wicket to fall in the morning session when he was trapped leg before wicket by spinner Keshav Maharaj (3/92), but South Africa ran through the tail after lunch.The home side have a fitness worry as seamer Morne Morkel, playing in his final test before retirement from international cricket, was forced from the field with a left side strain, but he did return to the pitch after the interval and will be monitored overnight.last_img read more

Intercontinental Cup: Chhetri hat-trick helps India thrash Chinese Taipei

first_imgIndia rode on captain Sunil Chhetri’s hat-trick to destroy Chinese Taipei 5-0 in the opening match of the Intercontinental Cup in Mumbai on Friday.Chhetri showcased excellent finishing ability as India started their campaign on a high.Chhetri master-class performance proved to be the difference between the two sides with Udanta Singh (48th) and Pranoy Halder (78th) also impressing with a goal each.It was a match largely dominated by Stephen Constantine’s men both in terms of possession and chances created, giving little to no room to play for the opponents.The attacking intent from the Indian National Team was there from the kick-off and an early build up in the first minute itself led Chinese Taipei to clear their lines, with signs of panic clearly showing in their defensive ranks. In the 3rd minute, Udanta Singh found Sunil Chhetri with a pass inside the box but Chhetri shot inches wide of the goal as the team pressed for an early goal.It all came together in the 14th minute when Jeje side-stepped his marking players and released a peach of a through ball for Sunil Chhetri, this time the skipper did little wrong and slotted the ball into the back of the net to give India the solitary goal lead.FT: IND 5 – 0 TPEIndia kick-off their Intercontinental Cup campaign to a winning ways after a comfortable win over Chinese Taipei! AFC (@theafcdotcom) June 1, 2018Spurred by the early goal and the ‘Blue Army’ – the travelling fans of the Indian National Team – Constantine’s men looked to cement their position and in the 19th minute India almost doubled their lead. Sunil Chhetri capitalized on Anirudh Thapa’s pass from the midfield but failed to curl the ball home from an angle after beating the defender.advertisementIn the 34th minute, Sunil Chhetri doubled India’s lead after playing a one-two pass with Jeje to slice through the Chinese Taiperi defence lines and slot the ball home as the scoreline read 2-0. The skipper could have completed his hattrick in the 39th minute had his lob from close distance been not read by the opposition custodian.On the opposite end, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu enjoyed life protected by the Indian defensive line that swept rare Chinese Taipei attacks from the flanks. Unable to find clear openings, the opponents tried to attack on the counter but could not make most of their opportunities.In the 44th minute, Halicharan Narzary came close to tapping the ball home after Jeje’s low cross from the left flank left the Chinese Taipei defence in tatters. The half-time scoreline read 2-0 in India’s favour.Changing over, India continued their momentum and in the 48th minute, Udanta Singh scored a phenomenal goal when he danced past the Chinese Taipei defence line with sublime footwork and placed the shot in the bottom corner to make the scoreline read 3-0.Chinese Taipei survived a scare in the 57th minute when Anirudh Thapa’s cross from the left flank led Sunil Chhetri to unleash a first-time attempt onto goal, but the presence of a defender on the line saved the opponents from trailing further behind.But little did the skipper had to wait for the hattrick as in the 60th minute, Chhetri blasted the ball into the back of the net from close range after a corner kick scenario to make the scoreline read 4-0.Pronoy Halder’s rasping strike from distance in the 78th minute added more gloss to the scoreline as it read 5-0 and Rowlin Borges almost added another a minute later, but his shot went inches wide of the goal after Sunil Chhetri’s cut a pass back for him.Coach Constantine added to his list of debutants and handed International debuts to Subhashish Bose and second half substitutes Ashique Kuruniyan and Alen Deory who replaced Halicharan Narzary and Sunil Chhetri respectively.India play their second match against Kenya on June 4.last_img read more